Lights, Camera, ACTION!

The Talented Lucy Feagins from The Design Files Daily has sourced Pony Rider product to feature in a film. Pony Rider has also featured a few times on the blog itself, link to story here and an earlier one here.


  1. Hi,
    First of all, these are great collections, and the cushions are really wonderful.
    Just wondering - and I ask because I am a massive grammar nerd - did you mean to put that apostrophe in 'Player's Welcome'? Putting that in makes the meaning singular; one player is welcome. I assumed it was more of a tongue in cheek idea (about players), which would not need an apostrophe.
    It would be such a shame for your brand if this is just a grammar issue. If it is a reference to someone's dodgy ex who was a player, but you've forgiven them and they're now welcome, then the joke is on me!
    Continued success in all you do, but perhaps get yourselves a grammar nazi - I'm available!!
    Annette Hill

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  3. That apostrophe alternately makes me very cross and then giggly; it's just too much. It can mean one player is welcome, but it could also be possessive; the welcome belonging to the player (has anyone seen my welcome anywhere?). I have seen these cushions in a few places, and rather than buying them, I want to get a big red pen to correct it somehow...