Christmas Gift Cards

We thought we could share some love and post up a little gift card idea to help spruce up your Christmas presents. See the step by step process for those that need a little hand, other wise click this download link to receive your A4 size page to print at home. Enjoy & Merry Christmas!!

Step 1
Pick a heavier weight stock atleast 210gsm and make sure the colour works with your theme. Print it out to fit page and start cutting with a knife and ruler using your guide marks to help.

Step 2
Using a hole punch, cut out the spot for your string to thread through.

Step 3
Make sure you cut your string/ribbon with enough give for a knot. Using your favorite ribbon or brown string, thread through the hole and knot at the other end.

Step 4
Tie your home made cards onto your parcel and sign with love and be satisfied knowing that your parcels look the best under the tree this year!

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