Daily Imprint

I love reading interviews with people, but was a bit thrown (but flattered) recently when the lovely Natalie from Daily Imprint asked me to do an interview for her blog. Check out her interview with Beci Orpin...

Images via Daily Imprint.



Our packaging for an order I'm putting together today for two Flowerbomb Teakins...nice choice

We Heart Blogs

Being a massive blog addict myself, you can imagine how unbelievably proud I am to have us featured on so many gorgeous blogs at the moment.

A big shout out to Decor8, Monster Children, The Design Files, Daydream Lily, Grey Grid Paper, The Red Thread, Busy Being Fabulous, Living Edge, It Followed Me Home, Lella and Zee, Lucky Cat, Si Senorita



Just found this great post on Nadinoo at Daydream Lily whilst checking out a post she did on us! yay! Thank you Daydream Lily

These dresses are too cute, emphasised with some sweet styling.


Shop Til You Drop

Oh yes, this morning just got good !! A feature in Shop Til You Drop!!


I hate sleeping in and running late and today that's what happened. I need some serious time to prepare and enjoy my breakfast...so nope, this morning I did not have anything as delicious looking as this Warm and Nutty Cinnamon Quinoa. I can hear your heart breaking he he...

Kelly has to endure my continuing obsession with Elisabeth Dunker from Fine Little Day and Studio Violet and as a reader of this bog, it's probably so will you.

my latest favourite find is Gini I ordered the most amazing crochet bowl and little block puzzle from her, and it arrived in a couple of days with a handwritten note all the way from France. Amazing.

I'm going to have to take a photo of that cute bowl and post it soon for you...


Real Living

And of course a thank you to Real Living for Deb's mention

Cover Up

Yes. Book covers from Rifle Made

Inside Out

being in Karen McCartney's editor's picks made us bounce off the walls!!

Pia Jane Bijerk

I seriously envy the life of the gorgeous Pia Jane Bijerk as she works diving her time between her house boat in Amsterdam, Paris and Sydney her home town. Her blog is definitely one to follow...


Lunch Time

Some of these images are making me hungry and I feel the need to sit in a cafe and hang out. Lucky Kelly is on her way over so we can go hang in Zubi Bar down the road...the rest of the pics are just lovely and I thought you would like


Kelly's man Chris got given a rather large taxidermy deer head complete with gorgeous antlers the other day. 

We've named him Rufus and put him up here at the Pony Rider studio to photograph so Kelly can use him for some new designs we're working on. It's a small problem as I have been unable to stomach the thought of eating meat since he arrived. 

But I'll be sure to post some of our new work once done. Hopefully becoming a non willing meat eater will pay off once Kelly's done her magic, but until then here's another cute, if not older deer from Lost


Speaking Of Dinner

I think that this recipe looks like it's worth a try this weekend, as I have a bag of cous cous pearls I haven't known what to do with. No cooking instructions on the pack and these cracked balls of wheat are three times the size of regular cous cous...

and whilst on the Sunday Suppers blog I found these very sweet photo's of wildflowers

What Oh What Shall I Have For Dinner?

One way to help you choose what to dine on from the clever crafter at Rifle

I'm Dreaming Of A Gin And Tonic...

Friday afternoon and dreaming of a gin and tonic...

Images via This Is Glamorous